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  • Ceteau PP Biaxial Geogrid


    CeTeau PP Biaxial geogrids are made from prime grades of PP and optimum addition of carbon black masterbatch, by the process of extrusion of high quality sheet,accurate punching, and then stretching in two directions under strictly controlled conditions. The process gives well balanced structures with consistently high tensile strength and stiffness. The thick rectangular cross section ribs and integral joint structure give regular apertures that interlock with aggregates, confining them and dramatically improving their load carrying capacity on soft ground. The products are inert from corrosion by all chemicals, including acids, alkalis and salts normally found in soil and do not suffer from biological attack.

  • bags given packing machine for meat chicken essence granules liquid premade pouches packaging equip


    YX-06 series bags given packing machine for meat chicken essence granules liquid premade pouches packaging equip bolsas prefabricadas máquina de embalaje designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like granules liquid powder packing and such like.We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers. The machine is widely used in foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, seeds and other industrial fields, such as juice, ketchup, detergent, Milk powder etc. Function and characteristics Easy to operate,adopt advanced PLC from Germany Siemens, mate with touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is friendly. Frequency conversion adjusts the speed: this machine uses frequency conversion equipment, can be adjusted within the range according to the needs of reality in production. Automatic checking: no pouch or pouch open error, no fill, no seal. the bag can be used again, avoid wasting packing materials and raw materials. Safty device: Machine stop at abnormal air pressure, heater disconnection alarm. Horizontal conveyer style to giving bag: it can put on more bags on the bag storage and have a low requirement about the quality of bags. Use the plastic bearing, don’t need put on oil, less pollution. Use no oil vacuum pump, avoid polluting the environment in the production. huff,clamp the meatus of bag when put the windpipe into it, then huff to open up the bag fully to bottom in oder to avoid the material overflow from the bag if the it is not opend fully The packing materials loss low, what this machine is used the preformed bag, the bag pattern is perfect and has a high quality of the sealing part, this improved the product specification Product or packing bag contact parts adopt stainless steel or other materials which accord with the food hygienic requirements, guarantee hygiene and security of the food With different feeders changed to pack solid, liquid, thick liquid ,powder and so on. The packing bag suits in extensive range, suit for multi-layer compound, monolayer PE , PP and so on Preformed bag made by film and paper. basic parameter of YX-06 series bags given packing machine for meat chicken essence granules liquid premade pouches packaging equip bolsas prefabricadas máquina de embalaje: model YX-06-1000ml Working position Six position Material of bag Laminated film, PE,PP ,ETC Bag type Stand-up bag, flat bag, zipper bag Bag size W:100-210mm L:100-410mm Filling range 10-1000g Weighing accuracy ±0.5-2g Capacity 10-60bags/min Voltage 380V 3phase 50HZ Power 5.5KW Air consumption 0.6m3/min(supply by user) Overall Dimensions 4200*1800*2400mm weight 1280kg Function of bags-given packing equipment: No bag – no filling- no sealing, machine alarm Bag opening miss- no filling-no sealing, machine alarm Machine stop or alarm when the air pressure is abnormal Error position display at the control panel Our Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about various high quality machinery like YX-06 series bags given packing machine for meat chicken essence granules liquid premade pouches packaging equip bolsas prefabricadas máquina de embalaje,please email via or browse our website Watch us on Youtube: Follow us on News Center:http:// Skype us by :turnanewleaf Call us via Whatsapp

  • PET Film Recycling & Pelletizing Extruder


    Test Material: Virgin PET Film Nanjing Kerke Extrusion Equipment Co.,Ltd Kerke company is a professional plastic co rotating twin screw extruder and single screw extruder manufacturer, we have our own extruder design, extrusion technology for polymer extrustion process. Our machine mainly use for lab extruder test, plastic compounding, plastic modification. Like PP PE ABS PS EVA PET etc. color masterbatch, PP PE EVA with CaCO3 Tale TiO2 etc. filler masterbatch, PVC PE cable material and many other field. Tel:(86)18550112020 Skype:zhouweishun4 Email: Email:

  • Manufacturer of flexible packaging bag,spout,pouch film,etc.


    Manufacturer of flexible packaging bag,spout,pouch film,etc. Nan-Hong Flexible package manufactures superior quality flexible plastic packaging materials for food use, non-food use and heavy-duty industrial packaging use with great concern on environmental issues through use of solventless laminator, down gauging and practice of 3Rs – Reduce, Recover & Recycle. Nanhong Printingpak can also custom-make according to your requirements for packaging in the form of sheet in roll, 3-side seal bag, center seal bag, overlap seal bag, side seal bag, bottom seal bag, wicketing bag, stand pouch, 4-corner seal bag, gusset bag etc. State-of-art machinery are installed to produce quality products and to increase variety of other specialized or customized products. Nanhong Printingpak would like to understand your requirement and is keen in developing a long-term business relationship with your esteemed organization. Rest assured that your queries will be promptly attended. * Cost saving by down gauging * High impact & stiffness * High gloss & transparency * Hygienic & non-toxic * Low taste & odour * Environmental awareness Products manufactured : * Rice packing in roll & bag form (laminated) * Plastic resin packaging in bag and tubular roll (laminated) * Fertilizer / Compost bag (laminated) * Chemical packing for pallet form or compound (laminated) * Plastic additive or masterbatch colour packing (laminated) * Ice packing in roll & bag form (laminated) * Cooking oil packing in roll form (laminated or non-laminated) * Sugar packing in roll form (laminated or non-laminated) * Salt packing in roll form (laminated or non-laminated) * Corn flour, Wheat flour, Rice flour, Tapioca flour packing in roll form (laminated or non-laminated) * Detergent powder in roll & bag form (laminated) * Wicketing bag – sandwich bread & others (laminated or non-laminated) * Side seal bag – hand glove & others (laminated or non-laminated) * Bun roll packing (laminated) * Instant noodle roll packing (laminated) * Toilet tissue & Kitchen towel packing (laminated or non-laminated) * Stand pouch (laminated) Heavy Duty PE Bag Suitable for most food grade and non-food grade products. More cost effective, better quality & properties. Product Features: * Down gauged (Cost effective) * Can have side gusset / corner seal at side gusset * Can have pin hole / punch hole handle * Can have perforated seal / cut * Can be embossed inside out * Can be printed on side gusset / both sides / 360° all round * Can be recycled * Can be vacuum packed (air tight) * Can be printed with complicated designs to avoid imitation * Can be used in high-speed packaging process and is easy to seal * Can withstand high heat content during packaging process * Can withstand a drop height of 1.8 metres - Followed United Nations Geneva Standard * Can allow contents to be seen * Printings will not peel off * Better oil and gas barrier properties * Super high gloss & transparency packaging * A good alternative to use of paper or PP woven packaging * Suitable for most food grade and non-food grade products such as rice, grain, cereal, flour, sugar, salt, coconut milk, ice, animal feed, plastic resin, master batch & additives, laundry powder, industrial chemical powder, fertilizer, sand & soil, road tar, liquid form product etc. Bespoke Multi-Colour Labels, Tags & Printed Flexible Candy Packaging Pouch/Bag/Sachets etc... Joe Mr ShanTou HaoJiang NanHong Industry Co ltd Manufacturer of flexible packaging bag,spout,pouch film,etc. Add:Industrial Zone of Majiao MaitianDu,HaoJiang District,ShanTou City GuangDong China +86-013363878900 +86-0311-83815610 Alibaba: printingpak Skype: Printingpak Web: Copyright 1996-2016 Nan-Hong Industrial Co ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • An opportunity in kenya


    Polystar (Taiwan) Machinery Co., LTD. –http:// is a shining star in East Africa. With an industrial base poised to become one of the fastest growing in the region, Kenya has seen growing demand for advanced technologies to serve booming industries. Food and beverage processing, petroleum products manufacturing, textiles and fibres production, chemicals, garments and pharmaceuticals, rubber s and plastics production are highly dynamic that Kenya is projected to become an industrial powerhouse serving the African continent and other nearby countries. According to the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), the plastics industry in Kenya is well-developed and produces goods made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polythylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene. All materials are imported in the form of granules. Companies in the plastics industry are involved in the production of various plastics articles such as PVC pipes and fittings, packaging bags, plastics shoes, crates, bottles, floor tiles, household wares and containers. Polystar Machinery Co., Ltd, a leading Taiwan manufacturer of plastics processing machinery, has recently installed a set of cutter-integrated plastic film recycling machine in Kenya. The film producer is based in Nairobi, and it supplies primarily shrink film, shrink bag/ sleeves, stretch films and PE sheets. The company produces and distributes plastic packaging products and offers solutions to various food processing industries such as diary, tea and coffee. All-in-one direct recycling In the past three months, Polystar has installed seven recycling lines in Kenya, Algeria, South Africa, Egypt, Malawi, and Ethiopia. Polystar’s high efficiency, onestep plastic recycling machine HNT-V is designed for the reprocessing of PE polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and polypropylene (PP) flexible packaging material, printed and non-printed. This cutter integrated pelletising system eliminates the need of pre-cutting the material, requires less space and energy consumption whilst producing high quality plastic pellets at a productive rate.In addition to in-house (post-industrial) film waste, the system is also able to process washed flakes, scraps and regrind (precrushed rigid plastic waste from injection and extrusion). This equipment is highly recommended for packaging film producers of commercial bags, garbage bags, agricultural films, food packaging, shrink and stretch films, as well as producers in the woven industry of PP woven bags, jumbo bags, tapes and yarns. Other types of material such as PS sheet, PE and PS foam, PE net, EVA, PP mixed with PU are also applicable on this machine. The HNT-V plastic recycling machine combines cutting, extrusion and pelletising into one compact and efficient recycling line. The cutter compactor of the recycling machine prepares (pre-conditions) the material into an ideal condition for the extrusion process and feed the material directly into the extruder with a centrifugal force. Comparing to the conventional recycling machines, this integrated system does not require a separate crusher, and therefore, eliminates the problem of inconsistent feeding (over-feeding or insufficient feeding).The HNT-V is also designed to work with washed, post-consumer and used agricultural film. The cutter compactor, which generates frictional heat during the compacting process, helps to further dry and remove the water moisture from the washed film flakes (processed first by the washing lines). The recycled pellets can be used again in extrusion process, whether 100% (such as garbage bag, LDPE pipe production and etc) or as part of the mixture to reduce raw material cost. The pellets quality can also be improved by direct dosing of masterbatch and additives. The integration of the cutter compactor and extruder ensures extremely fast and stable feeding, the tangentially connected extruder is continuously filled with precompacted material. This results in a much higher production output comparing to other types of recycling systems on the market. Polystar will show plastic recycling machine in Arab plast(Dubai) Read more: http://: International Plastics News – Middle East & Africa May 2014 http://

  • PP PE filler masterbatch 900rpm double screw plastic compound granules machine


    How to increase the PP PE filler masterbatch capacity? 1.1000kg for PP PE filler masterbatch 2.PLC and screen touch control system 3.900 rpm/m 4.New testing for PP PE filler masterbatch If you are interested in, we have different models to help you to increase your capacity. Welcome to contact my WhatsApp:+8618136498182 or email:

  • plastic granules and masterbatch


    Mor,a manufacture of plastic masterbatch and granules

  • 100kg/h White masterbatch Twin screw extruder machine


    Nanjing Kerke Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company in China. our company is a professional Co-rotating Parallel twin screw extruder for masterbatch, compounding filler, engineer plastic, plastic modificaton, recycling, PVC. WPC etc . Our machine types: 1. Co-Rotating Parallel Twin Screw Pelletizing Extruders 2. Single Screw Pelletizing Extruders 3. Die Face Cut (Air Cooling) Pelletizing Extruders 4. Double Stage / Double Degassing Recycling Extruders 5. Crushers, Mixers, Storage Tanks, Vibrators, Granulators, Blowers 6. Modular structure extruder Screw &barrel. Warmly welcomed to visit our factory &contact me.

  • Ampacet Value Proposition White Masterbatch


  • VCI Masterbatch and White Masterbatch by Superpack, Nagpur


  • flame retardant masterbatch


    Flammschutz-Masterbatch von Gabriel-Chemie erfüllt die FIFA/UEFA-Anforderungen für Polypropylen Stadionsitzsysteme. Es vereint perfekt Farbe, Flammschutz und UV-Stabilisation in einem Granulat. Flame retardant masterbatch from Gabriel-Chemie meets the FIFA/UEFA requirements for stadium seating systems made of polypropylene. It provides colour, flame retardancy and UV stabilisation combined in a one-component system.

  • Innovation in the addition of colours and additives to polymers.


    IQAP, as masterbatch producer and colour specialist, is a leading company in chemical formulation and dispersion technology (including nano-particle technology). IQAP combines the most suitable pigments and additives for each polymer and end use. Our command of dispersion and diffusion technologies lies at the core of our top quality and high performance masterbatch formulations.

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