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Business Type Manufacturer Main Product Black Masterbatches Color Masterbatches White Masterbatches Silver Masterbatch Food Grade Masterbatch Special Plastic Function Masterbatches Export Percentage1 55 80 Year Established 1996 Main Markets Africa Americas Asia East Europe Middle East Management System Certification ISO 9001 Caijian plastic products company was founded in 1996 It is a high tech enterprise mainly engaged in producing environment friendly plastic raw materials Our company pays attention to the selection and training of talents We have a high qualified and efficient team of technicians The company regularly receives ISO series quality management training Achieve technology...

Categories and Products

Black Masterbatch Granules

Universal Black Masterbatch Granules

Black PC Flim Masterbatch Black Masterbatch Granules Black Tube Master batch Granules Black Injection Molding Masterbatch Granules Black Wire Masterbatch Granules Food Grade Black Masterbatch Granules Universal Black Masterbatch Granules Universal Black Masterbatch Granules Universal Black Masterbatch Granules PE Universal Black Masterbatch Granules PP/PE Black Masterbatch Granules ABS High Light Masterbatch Granules High Gloss Black Color Masterbatch Bright Black Color Masterbatch Black Blowing Film Masterbatch ABS Black Masterbatch Granules Black Blowing Film Masterbatch PP ABS Black Masterbatch Granules Food Grade Black Masterbatch Black Bottle Masterbatch Granules 

Black High Gloss Masterbatch Granules

Black Non-woven Masterbatch Granules High Gloss Black Masterbatch Granules Highlights Mirror Black Masterbatch Granules High Gloss Black Masterbatch Granules TPU Black Masterbatch Granule TPE Black Masterbatch Granule PET General Black Masterbatch 

Universal White Masterbatch Granules

Universal White Masterbatch Granules White Film Masterbatch Granules White Board Masterbatch Granules White Film Masterbatch Granules High Concentration White Masterbatch Granules White Wire Masterbatch Granules Universal Masterbatch Granules Universal White Masterbatch Granules Universal White Masterbatch Granules White Masterbatch Granules ABS Blowing Film Masterbatch Granules marble color masterbatch 

Colour Masterbatch Granules

Colour Masterbatch Granules

Fluorescent Masterbatch Granules Colour Pigment Masterbatch Granules Colour Masterbatch Granules Colour Injection Molding Masterbatch Granules Yellow Food Grade Colour Masterbatch Granules Red Grade Colour Masterbatch Granules Orange Colour Masterbatch Granules Purple Color Masterbatch Granules Yellow Color Masterbatch Granules Green Color Masterbatch Granules Blue Color Masterbatch Granules PET Pink Brush Masterbatch Granules PET Fluorescent Purple Masterbatch Granules PET Fluoresent Blue Masterbatch Granules PET Fluoresent Yellow Masterbatch Granules PET Fluoresent Orange Masterbatch Granule PET Fluoresent Light Blue Masterbatch Granule PET Fluoresent Wine Red Masterbatch Granule PET Fluoresent Dark Red Masterbatch Granule PET Fluoresent Light Red Masterbatch Granule 

PET Multicolour Masterbatch Granules

Orange Multicolour Masterbatch Granules Red Multicolour Masterbatch Granules Blue Multicolour Masterbatch Granules Claret-red Multicolour Masterbatch Granules Green Pearlescent Masterbatch Granules Purple Pearlscent Masterbatch Granules Rose Red Pearlscent Masterbatch Granules Pearlescent Green Masterbatch Granules Orange Brush Masterbatch Granules Orange Brush Masterbatch Granule PET Brown Masterbatch Particle Black Monofilament Masterbatch Granules Bags Cases &Boxes Multicolor Mastrbatch 

Universal Silver Masterbatch Granules

Silver Gray Pearlescent Masterbatch Granules PET Silvery Color Pigment Grey sheet Masterbatch Granules Silver No Painting Masternatch Granules Silver Non Painting Masternatch Rose Red Sheet Masterbtach Granules 

Antistatic Masterbatch

Pearl Foamed Cotton Antistatic Masterbatch Pearl Foamed Cotton Antistatic Masterbatch Granules 

Anti-aging Masterbatch

Anti-aging Masterbatch Granules Anti-aging Color Masterbatch Granules Green Anti-aging masterbatch Granules Red Anti-aging Masterbatch Granules Yellow Ant-aging Masterbatch Granules Blue Ant-aging Masterbatch Granules White Anti-aging Masterbatch Granules White Color Masterbatch Granules White Masterbatch Granules PP 

Free Painting Color Masterbatch Granules

Free Painting Colour Masterbatch Granules Free Painting Colour Masterbatch Granules Gold Free Painting Masterbatch Granules Gold Free Painting Masterbatch Granules Red Free Painting Colour Masterbatch Granules Free Painting Colour Masterbatch Granules Rose Red Free Painting Color Masterbatch Granules Blue Spray Free Masterbatch Granules Pink Free Painting Color Masterbatch Granules Red Spray-free Masterbatch Granules Dark Blue Spray - free Masterbatch Granules Black Spray Free Masterbatch Granules Metal Black Color Masterbtach Granule Gold Color Masterbtach Granule Metal Sliver Color Masterbtach Granule White Non Painting Masterbatch Granule Free Spraying Blue Masterbatch Granule Free Spraying Rose Red Masterbatch Granule Free Spraying Purple Masterbatch Granule Free Spraying Green Masterbatch Granule 

Elastic Body Colour Masterbatch Granules

Dark Grey Elastic Body Colour Masterbatch Granules Elastic Body Colour Masterbatch Granules Purple Elastic Body Colour Masterbatch Granules Grey Elastic Body Masterbatch Granules Reddish Brown Elastic Body Colour Masterbatch Elastic Body Colour Masterbatch 

Special Function Plastic Granules

Antistatic Masterbatch Granules

Antistatic Color Masterbatch Granules Antistatic Masterbatch Granules Antistatic Color Masterbatch Granule 

Smooth Opening Masterbatch Granules

Smooth Opening Masterbatch Granule PP Smooth Opening Masterbatch Granule 

Flame Retardant Masterbatch Granules

Flame Retardant Masterbatch Granules The Flame Retardant Masterbatch Granules PP Fireproof Masterbatch Granules Dark Blue Flame Retardant Masterbatch Granules 

Brightening Masterbatch Granules

Fluorescent Whitening Masterbatch Granules Fluorescent Whitening Masterbatch Granules Fluorescent Whitening Masterbatch Granules Whitening Masterbatch Granules Fluorescent Whitening Masterbatch Granules 

PP Transparent Masterbatch Granules

Transparent Masterbatch Granule PP Transparent Functional Masterbatch Semitransparent Color Masterbatch Granules 

Non-halogen Cable Plastic Masterbatch Granules

Yellow Masterbatch Granules Yellow Cable Masterbatch Granules Red Non-halogen Masterbatch Granules Grey Non-halogen Masterbatch Granules Pink Non-halogen Cable Masterbatch Granules Purple Non-halogen Cable Masterbatch Granules Blue Non-halogen Cable Masterbatch Granules Pink Non-halogen Cable Masterbatch PVC Purple wire masterbatch Grey Non-halogen Cable Masterbatch Red Non-halogen Cable Masterbatch PVC Yellow Cable Masterbatch Granules PVC Yellow Wire Masterbatch Granules PVC Red Wire Masterbatch Granules 

Magic Colour Masterbatch Granules

Green Multicolour Masterbatch Granules White Multicolour Masterbatch Granules Purple Multicolour Masterbatch Granules Purple Magic Colour Masterbatch Green Magic Masterbatch Granules Rose Golden Masterbatch 

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