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How to use How to use free spray masterbatch material


PP from spraying silver kind of PP from painted Silver Masterbatch silver colored masterbatch manufacturer production, silver colored masterbatch from painted silver masterbatch using imported silver powder and added to the higher molecular materials and special carrier, suitable for transparent and translucent material, the production of plastic products close to the effect of spraying silver, polymer composite masterbatch materials can reduce the current ripple and the production of welding line, achieve good results! Spray free silver color masterbatch


People already satisfied with the use function of home appliance no longer, the requirement of appreciation to its exterior and environmental protection is higher and higher. The shell of former model home appliance, spray again next method, neither environmental protection, instable also, numerous international and domestic well-known TV manufacturer was like samsung, sharp, changhong and haier to wait to abandon old method in succession, turn to use a kind of new-style model craft -- do not need spray gao guang to be without mark injection molding technology. This technology can make the surface of TV panel has high gloss and no defects such as welding wire, flow mark and shrinkage mark, and no need for subsequent painting process, which is very beneficial to environmental protection and cost reduction. The implementation of no-spray high-gloss injection molding technology is inseparable from high-gloss PP ABS PMMA raw materials, injection mold, mold temperature control equipment, injection molding machine and injection molding process

To realize spraying - free high - gloss injection molding, the first need to choose high - gloss plastic materials. The characteristics of the material generally include: the material flow should be high, so as to better copy the mold surface, reduce shear and improve welding wiring; Need to have a certain scratch resistance, that is, the surface hardness is better, the general hardness in H above; The material has good thermal stability and is not easy to produce volatile substances. Material itself luster is good; It should have excellent toughness and certain rigidity, and can pass the drop test and other functional tests required by household appliances.


At present, the injection molding production of flat panel TV frame free of spraying mainly USES PMMA/ABS, PC/ABS or high-gloss ABS materials.

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